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If you have a brick and mortar store, and rely on walk-in traffic for your survival, you may be wondering what the Internet can do for your business. Believe it or not, a lot!

In the "old days", the bulk of businesses relied on the Yellow Pages to get the phone ringing. Thousands of marketing dollars were spent getting listed in this ten pound paperweight. With the popularity of the Internet, less people let "their fingers do the walking" when they need something, and more are letting their mouse do the talking.


      Website maintenance Louisville Kentucky

We do not charge for hosting services or domain name services.  You deal directly with the service provider without additional administrative charges.

All of our website projects include domain name acquisition, and website hosting assistance.  Domain name and hosting arrangements will be registered in the website owner's name.  Periodic invoicing for these services will be sent directly to you from the service provider.  Domain name charges are typically $10 to $15 per year.  Hosting service charges are typically $10 to $15 per month depending on the service support required for the website.


A Website is Your Portal to the World

Affordable websites louisville kentuckyAs a business owner, you can appreciate the power of a small ad in the yellow pages or in the local newspaper.  There must be a way for prospective customers to learn of your company, where it's located, how to contact you and what you do or what you sell as a business.  A website does all of this and can do much more.  If you provide a service or sell a product without a website, you simply aren't fully engaged in the market.  Go ahead .. it's not out of your reach.  Contact us and get linked to the rest of the world!

It's more affordable than you think!

website maintenance louisville kentuckyLet us hear your ideas and provide you with a free quote

Each web page comes with your choice of text, graphics, and links.  We can design a good looking static site for cost efficiency, or branch out with interactive components and animated graphics.  We can provide graphics from our library of over 2 million images, or you can provide us with your own personal graphics.  We can even add music and videos to your website!

We also offer digital photography services.  If you need a picture of your business, your staff, or products, let us come to you and take custom photos for your website.

We don't force you to conform to a selection of templates.  Each site is custom tailored to look the way you want it to look.

Website Maintenance

webmaster louisville kentuckyDon't let your site get stale.  We are fast and cost effective.

The most common website mistake is to put a site on the internet and let it become obsolete. Nothing turns off a customer faster than outdated information.  Let us help you keep it current.

Don't accept monthly payments for website maintenance when you don't need to.  We only charge for services when they are actually provided. 

If you already have a website and you just need periodic updates made, contact us.  We maintain, update, and perform total overhauls of pre-existing websites.  We only charge when we perform work for you. 

Most updates are made within 48 hours of your request and typically take less than one hour to perform. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization Louisville KentuckyIs your website set up for optimal ranking on Search Engines?

Search Engine rankings are very important in today’s internet marketplace. Your website traffic must be high if you expect to generate an acceptable volume of internet business.

We are capable of providing a programming evaluation to review your site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improvements. We apply the latest tools to provide a truly useful evaluation of your website’s code and setup. 

This service is provided free of charge when you have us build a new website or rebuild your old one!

Additional Website Services

website design louisville kentucky